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Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions


What Is A Home Inspection?

It is an evaluation of the visible and accessible sytems and components of a home. The inspection report will identify if any visible systems or components do not function as intended or adversely affect the habitability of the dwelling, allowing for normal wear and tear. It will also state whether a reported condition requires, replacement, subsequent evaluation or warrants futher investigation by a specialist. A home inspection provides the client with a better understanding of the property conditions, as inspected at the time of the inspection.

If you are already a homeowner, a home inspection may be used to identify problems in the making and take preventative measures which might avoid costly repairs in the future. If you are planing to sell your home, you may wish to have an inspection performed prior to placing your home on the market. This will give you a better understanding of the conditions which may be discovered by the buyer's inspector and an opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in a better selling position.

In summary, a home inspection is an evaluation of the property at the time of the inspection. It documents the condition of the major visible components and systems in a home. It is up to the client to decide if the home meets their requirements and criteria.

How Long Will An Inspection Take?

On the average the on-site portion of the inspection will take 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Large homes will take longer. The age and condition of a home are also factors. Remember, the on-site inspection is only part of the process. The report still has to be prepared and is the final product of the inspection. Our reports are usually available via email within 24 hours (in most cases) of the inspection.

What Is The Cost?

This price can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as, the size of the home, construction type (crawlspaces) and travel distance. Additional services such as radon also add to the cost of an inspection. We do offer a discount on our radon tests if they are done at the same time as a home inspection.

We prefer that you call us for a detailed price quote. Our office staff will collect the vital information and provide you with an exact quote and available dates to schedule your professional home inspection. Our office is available from 7am - 7pm (CST) M - F and 9am - 1 pm (CST) on Sat. We are closed on Sundays.

We encourage you to use our online scheduling if you are ready to schedule your inspection.

Can I Attend The Inspection?

Yes! While it is not required, when possible, you should participate in the inspection process. This allows you to see the process involved with inspecting your new home, become educated on the maintenance, care and operations of your new home's systems and allow us to review our inspection findings and discuss them with you.

We do many inspections without the client attending due to work schedules, out of area , etc.. So, if you can not attend don't worry, you will still receive the same professional inspection and detailed report. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have after receiving your report to clarify our findings.

Who Hires The Inspector?

The client usually retains the inspector. The inspector works for you. The report cannot be given to anyone else without your written consent.

Do You Do Onsite Reports?

At ALLIN Home Inspections, we take pride in our inspections and reports. Just as you have a due diligence period when buying a home, we feel the inspector needs time to digest and compile the information collected during the inspection. We do not like to cut corners and rush the process and give you a simple check list with canned comments. Many times additional research is needed or clarification required on an issue. We take the time to provide you with a detailed, comprehensive and professionally prepared report. Our reports are usually available via email within 24 hours (in most cases) of the inspection.

Why Is Licensing And Certification Important?

All home inspectors are required to be licensed in the State of Illinois and take the required annual continuing education to maintain their license. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulatons sets the minimum standards an individual must meet to be a licensed home inspector. However, it does not prevent an inspector from seeking training and certification which exceeds these requirements. At ALLIN Home Inspections we believe that the best inspectors never stop learning and expanding their knowledge. That's why we are members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Michael is also a Certified Master Inspector (CMI), the highest certificaton in the home inspection industry. He is held to the highest standards and code of ethics with this designation. Check Certification

Currently there is no licensing or certification requirements for the State of Iowa. This means that anybody can start doing inspections in Iowa today with no training. We also do inspections in portions of the Quad Cities on the Iowa side of the river and follow our State standards for Illinois.

What Do I Do With The Results?

Now that you have had an inspection it is important to completely read the entire report and understand the items presented and any additional information provided and referenced. Remember, the real estate process is a negotiation, the report is not a to-do list of repairs for the property owner. It is best to consult with your real estate professional and/or closing attorney with regards to addressing repairs as they are best suited to provide direction and have a better understanding of your positon at the time and your intentions for use of the property.

  • Read The Entire Report
  • Consult with your real estate professional and/or closing attorney
  • Do not ignore the inspector's recommendations, follow up before closing
  • Contact the inspector if you don't understand any items in the report


Can A Home Inspection Fail?

NO! A professional home inspection is an examination of the condition of the home on the day it is inspected; it is not an appraisal, which determines market value or a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance, but rather describes its visible physical condition and indicates what may need repairs in the near future.

Do I Need An Inspection On New Construction?

It is important to have a home inspection on new construction as there may be things that were overlooked or just done wrong during the construction process. Just because it is new does not mean it is free of defects.

Are Inspection Done In The Rain?

Yes they are done in the rain and snow. Does the inspector like to be out in this weather? No, but that is the job and there are things that he can look for in adverse weather that will probably not show up when the weather is nice. Gutters not draining properly, Water leaking in the attic from the roof and water in the basement are just some examples.