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Chimney Flue
Chimney Flue
Chimney Flue
Chimney Flue

Benefits Of A Chimney Video Scan

Getting a regular chimney video scan is recommended for the following reasons.

Preventing Chimney Fires:

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, “most chimney fires are caused by a dirty chimney.” Burning wood produces smoke, which contains unburned particles.

The smoke cools as it goes up the flue and condenses along the interior walls. Over time, this coating (called creosote) builds up. Creosote is highly flammable, so you must remove it. A chimney video scan shows the certified professional if there’s creosote, so you can schedule cleaning to keep your family and home safe.

Detecting Obstructions:

Besides creosote, obstructions can impede proper ventilation and drafting and put you at risk of a fire. The most common obstructions are bird nests, storm debris, and masonry materials that deteriorate and fall into the chimney. Regular chimney inspections detect chimney blockages early before they become major problems or put you at risk.

Saving Money on Repairs:

Neglecting your chimney for years is a surefire way to end up needing expensive masonry and other repairs. With annual chimney video inspections, you can identify minor issues like cracks and fix them before they worsen and require thousands of dollars in chimney rebuilding.

Increasing Chimney Efficiency

A clean and well-maintained chimney functions more efficiently, saving you money on fuel costs and improving your home’s air quality.

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